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Within Tormod and the Hargrove Team of Companies, we work to create an environment founded on trust, personal integrity, and a "Team mentality" such that each person understands the value of their contributions both on a project and company-wide level. Our Team places high value on the contribution of Teammates who serve our customers whether they are in an onsite role, in the field, or executing projects in the office.


We recognize that relationships with clients hinge on the quality and satisfaction of our professionals who dedicate their time and expertise to execute great projects. At Tormod, we value each member of our Team because we know that each person contributes to the continued success of our clients and our company. While supporting Teammates in professional development, we also make an effort to support them in their goals for personal satisfaction and financial security.

Because we invest in our Team, we have an extremely high retention rate. This is due to our commitment to excellence in serving both clients and Team members. Hargrove's culture supports individuals as they embark on and thrive in their careers while maintaining an ethical, sustainable workplace. Additionally, a wide range of benefits are available to members of our employee-owned company, including the opportunity to participate in our Employee Stock Ownership Program (ESOP).

A Win-Win Place to Work

The culture we have cultivated is caring and flexible, supporting Teammates in their professional and personal endeavors. Giving back matters, so we are pleased to give members of our Team the opportunity to aid their local communities through opportunities to volunteer and give through The Hargrove Foundation. Whether it is with our clients or our Teammates, what we build best are relationships. To begin yours, learn more about Tormod, view open positions, or submit your résumé for review. If you have any questions, email recruiting@hargrove-epc.com.

Or, if you prefer, you can simply submit your resume for general consideration.

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